Sign Permits

Download the Sign Permit Application (PDF) to begin the permitting process. When installing new or refacing existing signage, a permit is always required.

Always double check sign requirements with the Building Inspection Department prior to ordering any signage. The property you are leasing or the property you are building on may have what is referred to as a PD and special signage requirements may be set forth for that particular property that differ from the requirements listed. Regulations regarding signage are dictated by the Garland Development Code (GDC).

  1. Bandit Signs/Temporary Signs
  2. Citywide Regulations
  3. Electronic Signs
  4. Imitation of Traffic & Emergency Signs
  5. Leasing/For Sale Signs
  6. Vehicular Signs

What ever your terminology, temporary/bandit signage (those metal signs that you sometimes see at apartment complexes that showcase amenities) are not allowed in commercial/non-residential districts.